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        給予更多耐心 Be More Patient


        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2019-07-31

        全國助殘日 Help-the-disabled Day

        For every parent, their biggest wish is to watch their children grow up healthily. But unluckily, some people are born with disabled, or some of them meet disasters and being disabled....

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2018-05-28

        堅強的人 The Strong Person

        We are told some inspiring stories in the class, but when I really see the person around me, I feel the great power....

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2018-02-28

        一個健康的人 A Healthy Man

        When people see the disabled man, they will feel pity and treat them as the incapable person. It is often believed that a healthy man is physically healthy, but the fact is not true....

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2017-04-12

        隱形的翅膀 The Invisible Wings

        A lot of people complain about their situation, they think life sucks and there is nothing for them can do. But when we see the disabled who live happily and make great achievement,...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2016-07-27

        如何對待殘疾人 How to Treat Disabled People

        When we take the bus, it has been a rule that the seats are first preoccupied by the old, the disabled and the pregnant. Most people respect the rules, while some people are refused to do it,...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2016-06-30

        我們該給乞丐錢么?Should We Give Beggar Money?

        In a big city, we can always saw some beggars on the said of a busy street. Most of them are disabled. People who are compassionate will stop and give them some money, while some people just walk through....

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2014-03-27

        如何幫助殘疾人 How to Help the Disable

        Helping people is the traditional virtue for our Chinese. It is not a big talk. We also need to do it in the reality life. We are only small children that we can’t give a lot of money to them. ...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2014-05-16

        關愛殘疾人Taking Care of The Disable

        As Chinese traditional virtue, helping others and taking care of each other are the basic virtue of a person. We are lucky that we are born to be a healthy person, while some persons are not that lucky, they may be born to be a disable man or get hurt by accidents. ...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2013-12-03

        聾人 Deaf People

        There are many people are deaf among the sixty billion population. They don’t have a sound body. They have to face much more difficulties than common people in their daily life. However, there is a big problem they have to face....

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2013-09-22