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        真正的平等 The Real Equality


        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2019-08-15

        關于性別歧視About Gender Discrimination

        gender discrimination still exists, for both men and women. The discrimination on men and women should be removed, everyone has the right to pursue their happiness. ...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2016-03-27

        三八婦女節International Women’s Day

        On March 8th, 1975, the United Nation started to celebrate the International Women’s Day. In China, the women’s day also called “March 8th”day. Why we celebrate women’s day? There is a long story. ...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2014-03-07

        海歸是否高人一等?Are Overseas Returnees Superior to Us?

        In our daily life, we usually find that the overseas returnees are easier to a high payment job than those who don’t have such experience. It seems that the employers prefer them more....

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2014-01-26

        情婦享有隱私權么?Dose Mistress Deserves Privacy?

        Recently, a website has become a hot point under discussion, it has aroused some controversy. The website’s name is shesahomewrecker.com, this website offer a place for the heart broke people who are want to share the experience that they were betrayed. ...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2014-01-11

        關于男女平等 Different Views on Equality of Men and Women

        Should men and women be equal? Different people have different ideas on this issue. ...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2013-03-12

        現代社會中的女性 Women in Modern Society

        Women have made great contribution to the development in politicy,but they are still facing various forms of ***- discrimination.In politics,they are undergoing boring trifles which could make differences between victory and defeat,but cha...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2012-02-15

        性別在工作中的不平等待遇Sexism at Work

        Sexism at Work Recent years see more girl students on the campus than boys, and girls perform as excellently as boys. Some are even superior and receive more praises and honors. Indeed, girls are equal to boys. However, when they are getti...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2012-01-26

        男女平等Women Equality With Men

        Women Equality With Men Where was a time when, if a lady got into a crowded bus or train, a gentleman would immediately stand up and bring to offer his seat. But now, things are different. Today a gentleman will probably look out of the wi...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2011-12-24