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        Adreep.cn is a professional English writing website predominated with original compositions on the Internet. It provides readers with excellent English compositions and professional writing skills, having a plenty of visits and warmly welcomed by readers.

        Now adreep.cn covers several channels with the content of grammar, vocabulary and outline of paragraph, including Essay for Pupil, Essays for Junior, Essay for Senior, Essay for Undergraduate, English Article, English News, English Model Essays, Excellent Masterpiece Sentence, English Sentence and so on. At present, 95% of its content is original wrote by professional editors, foreign language teachers and part-time students with review. It is rich in content, novel in view and meet the need of readers, attracting a large number of readers to study actively. About 95% readers are school students, and about 5% are parents and English lovers.

        Adreep.cn was born in 2009. Now, it has in the first place of bilingual writing websites in China, reaching the first position in Baidu search for 9 years, with a steady weight of 6-8. According to the data of 2017 , its monthly PV has reached 4.5 million, owning 3 million monthly active users.


        聯系人: Koen
        聯系電話: 189 7711 0085
        Email: koen@thebdsoft.com
        QQ: 4322897


        聯系人: Frannie
        聯系電話: 139 7888 9770
        Email: zuowening@126.com