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        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2018-06-26

        誰欠了你 Who Owes You

        When we asks parents for money and for other things, we are so naturally to do it and without thinking too much. If our parents refuse, we will be angry....

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2016-12-16

        如何快樂?How to Be Happy?

        When I do well in the exam, I will show my paper to my parents, they are so happy to see me do well in the exam. I want to be happy all the time. But I have put so much pressure on myself. One day, my parents tell me that they don’t care how I do well in the exam, they just want me to be happy...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2016-02-13

        我們還應該捐錢嗎?Should We Donate Money?

        Today when people talk about Red Cross Organization, they shake their heads and don’t trust this organization. People react for it originated from about four years ago, at that time, a girl showed off her luxury in the public media, she told people that her father was a member of the Red Cross...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2016-02-13

        生活閱歷 Life Experience

        In my eye, my father is so adorable, because he can give me advices and help me to make the best decision. My father experienced a lot. When he graduated from college, his first job was to work in the office, then he found life was boring to sit in the office all the day, so he decided to quit and t...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2015-12-19

        英國 United Kingdom

        UK is the short form of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or commonly known as Britain. UK is composed of four parts. They are: England, Scotland, Welsh and Northern Island. ...

        閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2012-07-19